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Today in 1947: The National Security Act is signed into law

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July 26, 2013

One of the most disturbing aspects of the National Security Agency’s (NSA) surveillance operations revealed by Edward Snowden is the fact that this spying is being conducted on ordinary American citizens.


Notwithstanding any possible constitutional provisions that these surveillance activities may violate, the NSA is legally permitted to conduct intelligence-gathering activities on U.S. soil and on U.S. citizens. Another major federal intelligence agency – the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) – is statutorily prohibited from gathering intelligence on U.S. soil.


THE AGE OF MADNESS & A Critical Review of fbi/cia Operations

                                  THE AGE OF MADNESS & A Critical Review of fbi/cia Operations


This report represents a summary of my reflections & analysis on fbi/cia/police/societal egregious agendas.


As I reflect on the past two decades of vicious assaults on me by agents and operatives of the fbi and the cia, I sometimes in my quiet moments seek to comprehend the cause or genesis of the evil that characterizes many of the horrid events that I describe in "My Story In Detail" and related data and links at

The Hate You Hired

Once post 9/11 hysteria in the U.S. subsided Americans began to reflect on what happened that day and since.  Our collective sense of national pride was renewed helping to make us stronger.  We realized how precious our freedoms and liberties were.  We became more vigilant over anything that threatened our way of life and culture.  In the face of tragedy we pulled together.

How Much Does A Mercenary Cost?

When the Bush Administration decided for the American public that there would be no fair bidding process to ensure the best possible deal for the taxpayers in return for support services provided during the War in Iraq they signed us on for more than just what is at face value.  We know the American people are on the hook to Halliburton, its subsidiaries and all its sub-contractors for billions of dollars as long as we are in Iraq.  This includes whoever Halliburton chooses for hotel services, food supplies and of course their private security contractors.  Since 9/11 American concerns over private security, their costs (financial and otherwise) and their role in our national security have come under scrutiny.

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