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armas no letales

Artículo sobre armas no letales (Harper's Magazine - inglés)

When killing just won't do

From "Nonlethal Weapons: Terms and References," a report published by the United States Air Force Institute for National Security Studies. According to the report's introduction, many of the weapons are still in the proposal stage.


Acoustic Bullets: High-power, very low-frequency waves emitted from one- to two-meter antenna dishes. Results in blunt-object trauma. Effects range from discomfort to death.

Curdler Unit: A device that is plugged into a sound system to produce a shrill, shrieking, blatting noise. It is used to irritate and disperse rioters and has a decibel range just below that of the danger level to the human ear. It is used in night operations to produce a "voodoo" effect and breaks up chanting, singing, and clapping.

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